World Cup 2023 Shockers: Find Out Which Teams Are Already in the Semifinals!!

The 2023 World Cup has been full of surprises, with 13 games already played and the 14th underway in Lucknow, featuring Australia and Sri Lanka. Some teams have done great, while others haven’t been so lucky.

Point Table of World Cup:-  

World Cup

India, South Africa, and New Zealand: Unstoppable!

In the 2023 World Cup, three teams are on fire – India, South Africa, and New Zealand. These three squads haven’t lost a single match, and they’ve made the World Cup super exciting with their fantastic play.

It looks like these three teams are almost guaranteed a spot in the World Cup 2023 semifinals. They are in the lead right now. India is at the top, New Zealand is in second place, and South Africa is third.

The Fight for the Fourth Spot!

The top four teams in the points table get to play in the World Cup semifinals. Right now, India, New Zealand, and South Africa have three of those spots. But the fourth spot is up for grabs.


Pakistan is in fourth place on the points table, and England is just behind in fifth place. These two teams are going to battle it out for that fourth spot, and it’s going to be a fierce competition.

Either Pakistan or England could make it to the World Cup semifinals. The excitement is building, and there are more thrilling games to come. Keep watching for updates and more exciting cricket action!


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