Twitter X Logo Unveiled: A Groundbreaking Replacement for the Blue Bird Symbol

Elon Musk has announced a significant change to the Twitter logo, replacing the iconic blue bird symbol with an “X.”

Twitter X :-

This change comes after the social media platform was acquired by a billionaire last year for $44 billion, showcasing the latest major transformation.

Twitter x

On Sunday, Musk posted a twinkling “X” in a short video, and later during a Twitter Spaces audio chat, when asked if the logo would be changed, he replied with a simple “yes.” Twitter has recently been encouraging more users to subscribe to their premium Blue subscription by locking some of the most commonly used features behind a paywall. With this rebranding overhaul, the company may introduce more changes to attract a greater number of subscribers to their subscription bandwagon. Twitter is facing fierce competition from Meta (formerly known as Facebook), which has millions of users on platforms like Twitter.



This is not the first time Musk has played around with Twitter branding. In April 2023, the Twitter blue bird logo was replaced with a Dogecoin logo. However, it was reverted back to the original logo after a few days.

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