“Shocking Outbreak: Deadly Dengue Fever Hits Florida Locals – What You Need to Know!


More people in Florida are getting sick with dengue fever, a disease spread by mosquitoes.

The officials there are worried and have given a warning about it. About 10 people in Florida have caught this illness, and they want everyone to be careful.

This warning is the second one in a different part of Florida, not too far from the first one in Miami-Dade. In one place called Broward County, two people got sick with dengue fever this year.

Dengue fever can make you feel really bad, with a fever, achy muscles, and sore joints.

People usually get it when they travel to places where it’s common, but these new cases are different because they happened right there in Florida.

Dengue fever spreads when mosquitoes bite people, and it can be especially risky for pregnant women, babies, older folks, and those who have been sick with it before. The symptoms of dengue fever last for about 4 to 7 days.

It’s important to stay safe and protect yourself from mosquito b

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