Karachi Fisherman Hits Jackpot with Rare Golden Sowa Fish!!


Meet Haji Baloch, a fisherman from Karachi, Pakistan, who recently hit the jackpot with an extraordinary catch from the Arabian Sea. He and his crew snagged a special fish called ‘Sowa,’ known for being both rare and valuable.

The Sowa fish isn’t just big; it’s believed to have something special inside its belly that people think is super good for health. Haji Baloch, who lives in a fishing village called Ibrahim Hyderi, shared the exciting news that the whole bunch of Sowa they caught was sold for a whopping seven crore Pakistani rupees at the Karachi harbor. Mubarak Khan from the Pakistan Fishermen Folk Forum spilled the beans about this incredible payday.

Golden Sowa Fish Karachi

These Sowa fish can be quite hefty, weighing between 20 to 40 kilograms and growing up to 1.5 meters long. The amazing part is that each fish can be auctioned off for a massive PKR 70 lakh! Imagine that!

Baloch, still buzzing with excitement, mentioned that while they were out fishing in the open sea of Karachi, they stumbled upon this treasure. He plans to share the big sum of money they earned with his crew, a group of seven hardworking people who helped make this unexpected fortune possible.

Now, the Sowa fish isn’t just a money-maker; it’s also a big deal in local culture and food. People believe it has something special that can be used in traditional medicines and tasty local dishes.

This isn’t the first time the Sowa fish has changed someone’s life. In 2021, another fisherman in Gwadar got rich quick by selling a 48-kilogram Sowa fish for a whopping 86.4 lakh Pakistani rupees in an auction, according to Geo News.

So, as stories of good luck keep popping up, the Sowa fish becomes a symbol of unexpected fortune, adding a splash of tradition, culture, and mystery to the lively coastal life of Karachi.

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