India’s Exciting Win: Kohli’s 100 in 2023 World Cup vs. Bangladesh.

It is a really exciting match at the World Cup 2023, India played against Bangladesh. It was like a race – one part was about Virat Kohli scoring a lot of runs, and the other part was about India trying to win.

Here’s what happened: India played well, especially Rohit Sharma, but he got out after scoring 48 runs. Then, Virat Kohli came in and hit the ball really well. He even got some extra runs because of mistakes by the bowlers. Shubman Gill also did a good job by scoring 53 runs. Kohli kept going and reached his 50 runs.

As the match went on, it became clear that Kohli wanted to score a century (100 runs). It made the game really interesting. Finally, he scored his 100 runs and won the match for India with a big hit.

World cup

Before that, India’s bowlers did a great job by taking wickets in the middle of the match.

Even though Bangladesh had a good start, they couldn’t keep it up. India’s fielder, Ravindra Jadeja, made an incredible catch, and Jasprit Bumrah took his first wicket. Almost all of India’s bowlers got wickets except for Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli, who didn’t bowl much.

So, in the end, India won a thrilling match against Bangladesh in the World Cup 2023, with Kohli’s 100 runs being the highlight.


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