“GTA 6 Leaked Info: Release Date, Maps, and Characters Unveiled”




For those of the GTA Vice City players who have been enjoying GTA 5 for a while, this is wonderful news.

Everyone has been eager to play GTA 6 since the news of its release date broke since it promises a new gaming experience with enhanced visuals, new characters, the chance to purchase , and much more. The developers are presently releasing GTA 6, and soon you’ll be exposed to new characters in this gameplay, following the success of GTA 5 for its 10th year. Continue reading for more information.


Release Date

It is officially official that GTA 6 will be published between April 2024 and March 2025, according to Rockstar Games. So, this is the window of time that Rockstar Games has suggested the release of GTA 6 will take place.



Grand Theft Auto 6 will be offered in both male and female versions, according to the developers. Jason is the name of the male character in GTA 6, while Lucia will make an appearance as the female protagonist. There have been speculations that the developer has been working on a female  for GTA 6 for a long time, and this model has been leaked and confirmed that.

We have obtained a clear peek at Grand Theft Auto 6’s characters, and we can now see two brand-new characters in GTA 6.



We can imagine that the GTA 6 map will be different from GTA 5, with a larger area that will include several special elements. In google you can see the new GTA 6 map and highlights of the city on the map.

According to the latest, GTA 6 is also based in South Everglades and the Florida Keys, along with Miami.

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