Bronx Accident: Moped Rider Hurt Badly in Road Fight.

In a really sad story from the Bronx, a woman is being looked at by the police because they think she hit and hurt a moped rider during a big fight on the road. This happened on a Saturday afternoon around 2:30 pm, after the drivers got into an argument.

A person named Cesar Garcia saw what happened and said, “The guy was on the floor, just a lot of blood, leg broken, and the lady was just on the floor too, crying, just scared and shocked. It was crazy.”

lady attack
Credit- NDTV

Pictures from the accident show a red car with the front part all broken and the front right tire turned over. Another person, Ismael Ramon, said, “I was basically on the phone with 911 until they arrived.”

People who saw it happen say that a 28-year-old woman was going really fast and driving the wrong way on Fox Street. She crashed into a 23-year-old man on a moped near Intervale Avenue in Longwood.

“One big bang on the building. I’m on the third floor and I felt it,” said someone named Roman.

The man, whose name is Robert Jimenez and from the Bronx, got taken to the hospital really quickly, but later on, the doctors said he didn’t make it. Everyone in the neighborhood was shocked. The woman, who had some small injuries, is now with the police while they try to figure out what happened in this scary road fight.

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