WWE Champion Bray Wyatt Sadly Passes Away at 36 – Heartbreaking News


The wrestler was facing a health issue that he didn’t talk about much. This problem kept him away from wrestling since February. But sadly, he passed away suddenly, which was a big shock to his family.

A person named Triple H, who takes care of wrestling stuff, told everyone about this sad news on the internet. The wrestler’s real name was Windham Rotunda(Bray Wyatt), but people knew him as Wyatt. He came from a family of wrestlers, like his dad, grandpa, and younger brother.

Wyatt’s dad was famous for pretending to be a tax collector who bothered wrestlers and fans.

He was born in Florida in 1987. He did wrestling in school and even got a scholarship for playing football in university. But he left that to become a professional wrestler in 2009.

He used different names in wrestling, like Husky Harris and The Fiend. He was sick for a while and couldn’t wrestle, but he was going to come back before he died.

Last year, he talked openly about having a hard time with his feelings and problems. He said he felt lost because he lost his career, confidence, and people close to him.

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