A Cool Idea to Clean Delhi’s Air: Fake Rain to the Rescue!


Fake rain


Delhi’s air is not so good, and the government has a new plan to fix it – by making fake rain! The smart folks at IIT Kanpur are leading the charge, using a cool method called cloud seeding to wash away the pollution.

What’s Fake Rain?

Fake rain, or cloud seeding, is like a magic trick. We throw special stuff like silver iodide and dry ice into the air, and it makes clouds that bring rain. IIT Kanpur wants to use airplanes to drop salt into the clouds, making them rain and cleaning the air.

Fake rain

IIT Kanpur’s Awesome Plan:

The IIT Kanpur team already tried their trick in June and it worked! Now, with permission from the airplane authority, they want to use planes to spread salt in the clouds. This makes rain faster and helps get rid of pollution.

Other Countries Did it Too:

China and some other places have been doing this since the 1940s to fight bad air. China especially used fake rain to beat pollution. They use a special chemical called silver iodide to make raindrops.

Money Stuff and Government Help:

The plan might cost around ₹1 lakh per square kilometer, but the Delhi government is ready to pay if the central government helps. They want to tell the big court about it too!

Does Fake Rain Really Work?

The IIT Kanpur boss says it can give us a break from bad air for about a week. Even though Delhi got some real rain recently, this fake rain is like a superhero move to fix the air.

Problems and Things to Think About:

Fake rain is like a quick fix, not a long-term solution. We need permission from many big people, like the Ministry of Home Affairs. And, it might do some not-so-good things to the environment, like make oceans sour and harm the air.

The government is thinking of closing schools for a bit and using a special plan called Stage IV to fight the pollution. It’s like they have a superhero team of plans!

As Delhi works hard to make its air better, the fake rain idea from IIT Kanpur is like a cool gadget in their superhero tool belt.

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